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Employment law and discrimination: Sports charter flights

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Employment Law

Workers in Wisconsin should know that discrimination in the workplace is just not acceptable. There are laws that protect people from discrimination based on age, marital status, religious identity and other characteristics. Recently, one large employer, United Airlines, has come under fire for alleged discrimination in work assignments.

Sports charter program

United Airlines serves the general public, but that’s not all they do. Like many other airlines, they also move cargo and have special programs. One of United’s special programs is providing charter service for a number of high-profile sports leagues. The NFL, NCAA and MLB all have contracts with United for flights to games, tournaments and events like the Super Bowl.

It appears that United Airlines is violating employment law in the way they staff these flights. While any flight attendant can apply to work with the sports charter program, most of the people who book those shifts are young, blonde and female. In September of 2020, two experienced flight attendants brought a lawsuit against United Airlines for discrimination related to this program.

One of the flight attendants pressing suit is a Jewish woman with over 30 years of tenure in her flight attendant job. The other is African American, and she has over 25 years of experience with United. Both of these women perform well in their jobs. They say all they want is an equal chance to work on these flights. The sports charter program, sometimes, offers perks to United staff, including things like Super Bowl tickets.

Workers in the United States are protected from discrimination based on age, gender, race and other characteristics. If people feel they’ve been passed over illegally, they should contact an experienced employment law attorney. Employers who flout these laws must be held accountable.