Practice Areas

Corporate & Business

McDonald & Kloth, LLC’s corporate and business clients range from start-ups and non-profits to multi-state contractors and educational institutions. Representing such a wide range of corporate and business clientele requires a legal staff comprised of highly diversified and knowledgeable professionals. Our professional staff, coupled with our industry partners and alliances, give us the upper hand when it comes to serving the needs of our clients. Read More

Employment & Labor

When provided with the right work environment, employees are more productive, employers are more profitable, and disputes between employees and employers decrease significantly. Employment laws, correctly implemented and carried out, seek to strike the delicate balance between the needs of employees and employers. As such, it is critical that you consult attorneys experienced and knowledgeable in the complexities of employment law before taking action in any given situation. Read More

Wages & Overtime

McDonald & Kloth, LLC represents clients in Wisconsin and Illinois relating to wage and hour issues. Our employment law lawyers in Wisconsin and Illinois offer our clients full-service legal counsel that is designed to get results. If you are an employee who hasn’t been compensated properly for your time as stated by federal law (Fair Labor Standards Act), Wisconsin statute or Illinois statue, we will gather all of the evidence in the matter that supports your claim, evaluate it, and file the necessary documentation that will help you receive compensation for your unpaid wages. We will advocate for you at every proceeding or hearing in court or before any of the applicable government agencies. Read More


The construction site is fraught with disputes of many kinds. Often times, disputes arise by no fault of the original contracting parties, but as a result of vendors, subcontractors, or other third party. Regardless of the source of the dispute, it is critical that you have an attorney experienced in the nuances and lingo of the construction industry to best represent your interests. Read More

Debt Collection

McDonald & Kloth, LLC concentrates its debt collection practice primarily on real estate transactions, commercial contracts and credit card transactions. The attorneys at McDonald & Kloth, LLC aggressively pursue collections of all accounts from pre-litigation status through post judgment remedies. With regard to legal compliance, McDonald & Kloth, LLC strictly adheres to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act. Our efforts to collect debts owed to creditors are performed in a professional manner to protect both our clients’ images and maximize our clients’ receivables. Read More

Qui Tam / Federal False Claims

The federal False Claims Act and its state counterparts offer an effective means to redress corruption against government by stopping it, and rewarding whistleblowers for their information. Qui tam cases are a powerful way for whistleblowers to help the government stop many kinds of fraud – Medicare and Medicaid fraud, defense contractor fraud and numerous other types of fraud that impact the government financially – and recover billions that have been stolen from the U.S. Treasury and taxpayers. Read More


Litigation often is the result when parties cannot resolve a particular dispute or conflict. By its very nature, litigation is extremely costly and time consuming. As a business, every minute devoted to litigation interferes with the day-to-day business operations and detracts from the bottom line. Recognizing this fact, our attorneys partner with our clients to identify their ultimate goals and develop a comprehensive legal strategy that achieves those goals using the most cost-effective means available. Read More