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Witness oath icon representing employment law

Employment & Labor Law

Employment and Labor Laws deal with legal issues related to employers and employees. These can include, but are not limited to, harassment, discrimination, FMLA, wage-related issues, or workplace retaliation. To learn more, visit employment and labor law.

Construction laborer representing construction law

Construction Law

Construction Law involves legal disputes made from various parties involved in a construction project. These can include owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and others. Learn more about construction law and how we can help you.

Business brief case representing business law

Corporate & Business Law

Corporate and Business Law can include many different services. Some include non-disclosure agreements, contract negotiations, business to business contracts, and many more. Visit our corporate and business law page.

Gavel representing qui tam lawsuits

Qui Tam

Qui Tam lawsuits involve individuals or “whistleblowers” that are protected under the law against retaliation when they decide to report fraud against the government. To learn more, visit qui tam.

Scales of Justice symbol representing litigation


Litigation is the result when parties cannot resolve a dispute between them. Litigation can arise in many areas of the law. These can include business torts, class action, civil rights, contracts, and more. To learn more about our expertise, visit litigation.

Local Counsel Services in Wisconsin and Illinois are a practice area of McDonald & Kloth, LLC.

Local Counsel Services

McDonald & Kloth, LLC provides local counsel services to out-of-state attorneys or business that are looking for local counsel in Wisconsin or Illinois. We provide local counsel for business disputes, contract negotiations, real-estate, and more. Visit local counsel services to learn more.