Unpaid Wages & Overtime


McDonald & Kloth, LLC represents clients in Wisconsin and Illinois relating to wage and hour issues.  Our employment law lawyers in Wisconsin and Illinois offer our clients full-service legal counsel that is designed to get results.  If you are an employee who hasn’t been compensated properly for your time as stated by federal law (Fair Labor Standards Act), Wisconsin statute or Illinois statue, we will gather all of the evidence in the matter that supports your claim, evaluate it, and file the necessary documentation that will help you receive compensation for your unpaid wages.  We will advocate for you at every proceeding or hearing in court or before any of the applicable government agencies.

The claims that we can help you with include:

  • Misclassification of exempt and non-exempt employment
  • Misclassification as independent contractor
  • Unlawful or improper deductions
  • Illegal tip sharing or tip-pool violations
  • Withholding pay for donning and doffing (changing in and out of mandatory work uniforms) activities
  • Refusal to pay overtime for hours that exceed limits (Learn more about Unpaid Overtime)
  • Late paychecks or commission checks
  • FMLA issues and other issues regarding time off
  • Denying an employee vacation pay for time that has been accrued
  • Requiring employees to work extended periods of time without the required breaks
  • Requiring an employee to work off the clock to catch up their work

Effective Representation for Employers

Employers can also work with our employment law lawyers licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois who know how to deal with allegations regarding wage and hour law violations.  Our attorneys will review all existing policies of the employer, as well as the details surrounding the employee’s job.  All of this information is used to create an effective defense against claims.  In the meantime, any issues can be addressed so that future litigation can be avoided.