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Why workers might quit before they are fired

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Employment Law

Workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere who believe that they are going to be terminated from their jobs have the option of quitting before that can happen. One of the potential benefits of leaving a job voluntarily is that it may be easier to explain to future employers. Another potential benefit is that a worker retains some control over when he or she leaves a position.

Why some quit

In many cases, a person who is terminated is asked to leave the company with little or no warning. However, a worker gets to choose the date on which he or she chooses to resign. It is important to note that those who quit are generally required to remain with their employers for up to two weeks. In some cases, workers may benefit by staying on the job even if they believe that they will be terminated in the near future.

Why some don’t quit

For instance, those who are terminated may be eligible for unemployment benefits while those who resign may not. Individuals who decide to leave their current jobs will likely lose their health benefits as well as their paycheck. Generally speaking, those who look for work while they are still employed have an easier time finding new jobs. This is because it can be easier for an individual to network or interview with confidence when he or she still has a job to fall back on.

Generally speaking, companies can terminate employees for almost any reason that they can imagine. However, employers generally cannot terminate employees in retaliation for engaging in a protected activity. Furthermore, employers may be prohibited from firing workers because of their gender, national origin or sincerely held religious beliefs. Those who have concerns about how they were let go may want to speak with an employment law attorney.